BOONA Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

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  • Comfortable memory foam silica gel and rubbery grip
  • Breathable material to reduce wrist sweat
  • Necessary Game & Office Addition
  • 4 colors to choose from- Black, Grey, Blue, Pink
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Boona Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

This is the ultimate soft and comfortable wrist wrest that gives you outstanding support. Essential when using a keyboard or laptop for hours. Preferred by office workers, writers, gamers, and everyone who simply enjoys improved comfort. Value for a premium wrist rest.

The carefully chosen size, higher quality materials, design, better support, and comfort makes this your finest choice for improved work or play while using your computer or laptop for years of exceptional comfort and enjoyment.

GREAT GIFT IDEA for anyone who spends time on a laptop or keyboard.




Ergonomic design for the perfect support and comfort


  • Perfectly sized for optimal wrist comfort.
  • Slim size give you the right amount of support in the right angle.
  • Minimal space requirements.


Natural rubber is non-toxic and non-polluting


  • Natural rubber: plant based, it is renewable resource.
  • Rubber effectively keeps wrist rest in desired position. You don't have to stop and reposition the wrist rest.
  • Does not use stickers


Just wipe off dirt with moist towel


  • Surface can be dust off or wiped clean
  • Bottom rubber can be wiped with a moist towel



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