Budi 12W 2.4A 2 USB Safety Timer Charger Phones Tablets UK 3pin (CC166)

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  • 2 USB home charger with UK plug (Can Folded)

  • Input:100V-240V

  • Output:5V2.4A/5V1A

  • Certification:CE,FCC,ROHS

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2 USB HOME CHARGER The double USB output 5 Volt,1Amp,plus 5Volt,2.4Amp,12Watt in total.By the CCC safety certification,to ensure the safe use of.The durable and environment-friendly products and packaging,strict implementation of RoHS standards for environmental protection. With the development of society,we have more and more power demand.Melkin's designer think about it and give you more choice.Just one power socket 2 of your mobile devices could charging at same time.Never suffer from the dreaded low battery again.

RELIEVED CHARGING TIME Budi 2 USB With Timer Home Charger have its patented technology.Time setting means more free charging experience. Press 0 charging all time;Press 1-5 to select multiple hours charging. Support 2.4 Amp input devices fast charging,speed doubled,so that the charging time in half,saving a lot of time.

90°FOLDING AC PLUG The Budi 2 USB Home Charger's AC plug could folding 90°,that make it more ultra-compact convenient to carry.When the AC plug close up that the charger will become streamline,elegant appearance.

COMPATIBLE WITH THE MOST MOBILE DEVICES. The USB 2.0 Port is universal,so you can plug in any USB charging cable to charge a variety of different mobile devices at the fastest possible speed ,including any brand smartphone,any brand tablets,or any another mobile device.To begin charging,simply plug in the USB cable that came with your device.

SLEEK DESIGN, EASY TO USE At the same time,you can charging 4 of your headphone,tablets,and any another mobile device.This is more helpful on office desk.

PERFECT FOR THE FAMILY WITH MULTIPLE DEVICES Because it's so versatile,the Budi Home charger is the best charger for when you and your family members have different devices to charge.No more drawers full of old chargers and cables,no more fighting over the charger,and perhaps best of all,no more wondering which charger is compatible with your device.When you need to switch between multiple devices,simply swap out the cable. SAFETY Every time you plug your smartphone or tablet into a Budi Home charger ,you never have to worry about things like power spikes or storms damaging your valuable mobile device.Our quality teams go above and beyond for consumer and environmental safety,setting standards above the minimum requirements and putting each product through our own set of rigorous quality assurance tests.




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