Daiohs Grand Café Ground Coffee Bean (200 grams)

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Daiohs Grand Café (200 grams)

Deep roasted type with rich flavor that can be enjoyed iced or hot.

Raw Beans: Brazil, AP-1, Vietnam & Colombia

Taste: Bitter

Strong: 9/10

Bitterness: 9/10

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Daiohs Corporation was established in 1969 and started operation in Malaysia in August 2014. Daiohs brought to Malaysia their more than 50 years’ experience of coffee service withthe ambition to provide top quality fresh brewed coffee to Malaysia with 300,000 customers is Asian Region.

The coffee beans were selected carefully and throughly, allow coffee lovers to enjoy the aroma of coffee and rich flavor.

Aroma: Rich creamy fragrance like vanilla extract.

Taste: A taste that makes you feel the aroma of smoked wood. Bitterness lasts. Full-bodied.

Size: 200 grams

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