Far Cry 5 (PS4/R3/ENG,CHN)

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  • Far Cry 5 (PS4/R3/ENG,CHN)

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Far Cry 5 is a massive open world that’s filled with something new around every bend. The enemy AI behavior is more realistic and the exploration is almost endless. Even when you feel like taking a break from the campaign, you can take in some leisurely fishing before diving back into your quest. It’s your mission. With it comes the freedom to take on a world that hits back by any means necessary.


The world reacts in real ways to your choices. As you disrupt the activities of Eden’s Gate, the Resistance Meter goes up. It tracks your actions and provides feedback on the effect your actions have on the world.
Each cult Herald has a unique Resistance Meter tied to their region. The more you mess with the cult, the game world will hit back and become more chaotic and challenging. This challenge reaches its peak when the Resistance Meter hits its highest level, and the player must confront the Herald in an epic showdown.


Henbane River was once a place where people came to heal. Its landscape was dotted with cottages, hot springs, and the flowers that give the region its name. Over time the hot springs business fizzled out and the Project at Eden’s Gate moved in. This area is the cult’s heart in Hope County and a place of field labor and worship. Its economy revolves around converting souls into a docile workforce through use of drugs.


Not only do you have unique skills to bring to the table, so do your Guns For Hire. You can meet and recruit them in the open world, although they may need some help sorting out their own problems before lending you a hand. If you like to travel in numbers, you can recruit up to two for hire at a time, which should help increase your chances of survival.


It's not only the human residents of Hope County who are prepared to fight back. As a part of the Guns for Hire system, Fangs for Hire are animal companions for the player. Each is unique, and can enhance whatever playstyle you choose.

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